julio 30, 2022

Using a security light with your CCTV camera can bring many advantages if you do it right. Not only does it deter potential criminals, it also boosts your property’s indoor and outdoor security. Moreover, using security lights can help you identify any suspected criminal’s faces if necessary. Hence, you need to be mindful of a … Continue reading «What Should You Consider Before Using A Security Light With Camera?»

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julio 15, 2022

Nowadays, everyone takes the necessary steps to secure their commercial and residential properties. While purchasing a security system, you will encounter the terms NVR and DVR. You might wonder what they mean. NVR stands for Network Video Recorder, whereas DVR is the short form of Digital Video Recorder. They are both commonly used surveillance systems … Continue reading «NVR VS. DVR: What Sets Them Apart?»

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abril 15, 2022

At the time of getting a security camera for your house or business, one of the things you must consider is the zooming capability of the lens installed. The zoom factor has excellent effects on image quality output and the minute details you’ll be able to see while playing back footage. If a CCTV camera … Continue reading «Optical vs Digital Zoom – Which Is Better?»

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marzo 30, 2022

Having a CCTV camera increases security but is also prone to many risks. Several threats can obstruct the camera’s performance; stay with us till the end. We have detailed here 6 of the issues that may occur with ways to tackle them efficiently. Issue 1: Vandalism Vandalism is basically the destruction of a CCTV camera’s … Continue reading «5 Risks To Your CCTV Cameras And Ways To Deal With Them»

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noviembre 15, 2021

Night vision has come a long way since its initial use by military forces. Today, FLIR and night vision technology have diverse uses, and commercial night vision technology is becoming increasingly affordable. If you’re looking to boost your night vision system’s image quality, this article will explain how using a dedicated illuminator can help you … Continue reading «How Can You Boost FLIR Night Vision Visibility?»

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junio 30, 2021

Since we’ve been exposed to COVID-19, many retail stores have closed their physical sites. Some did it for the time being, and others permanently. The main reason behind this closing is the reduction in business. However, some stores have downsized simply due to organized retail crime. What is ORC? Organized retail crime is also known … Continue reading «How to Stop Organized Retail Crime (ORC)»

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junio 15, 2021

Summer is right around the corner, and everyone is planning to enjoy in the vacant vacation homes. Although these holiday homes are empty for most months, they should be secured like your primary residence. In reality, they may need even a higher level of security because they can be at a higher risk of burglary … Continue reading «How to Secure Empty Vacation Homes»

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abril 30, 2021

Infrared security cameras are an excellent choice of security systems. They’re adaptable, can be used both indoors and out, and have a good coverage area. Importantly, they record in the dark. Once installed, the infrared security camera will produce images even if there’s little or no light available. They provide higher-quality images than most people … Continue reading «5 Benefits of Infrared Security Cameras»

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abril 15, 2021

Infrared security systems are an excellent tool for security monitoring. One of the biggest concerns when adopting an infrared security system is wondering whether you can mount the camera inside and point it through a window to monitor the area in which you’re interested. In a proper set-up, they provide excellent image quality and capture … Continue reading «Can You Place an IR Security Camera Behind Glass?»

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enero 15, 2021

Did you know that sunlight contains invisible ultraviolet rays that can harm the skin and eyes? Based on studies, it’s known that many people do not know that that the sun’s visible light, which is primarily blue light, can damage our eyes and can cause macular degeneration. What Is The Blue Light We’re Talking About … Continue reading «How Does Blue Light Affect Our Eyes?»

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