Does Security Camera Record Audio? Here are 5 Ways to Know for Sure!

We all know security cameras nowadays have LED lights — and even if they don’t, we can use IR Illuminators to achieve the visual results we desire. So, it only makes sense to wonder: do security cameras have audio? If you are wondering this, this blog is for you. Keep reading to learn how to tell if a security camera has audio!

Ways to Tell if a Security Camera Records Audio

Here are a few possible ways to tell if a security camera has audio or not:

1. Over Speaker

Do you have an IP camera? It will be easy to determine if it records audio. Usually, IP cameras do come with a similar design. Hence, you will post an overt speaker on the back of the device. A simple visual inspection is all you need to know if your security camera in question records audio. You’ll have to look for the camera; just keep an eye out for multiple holes in a circular shape at the back of the device. Although the cluster of holes does not comprise a microphone, it is a good enough indication that the security camera possesses audio capabilities.

2. Single Small Hole

Not all speakers will be as visual and apparent. Thus, you may have to inspect the device for a small single hole rather than a cluster of holes. Does the hole say ‘reset’ next to it? If not, then it surely is the camera’s microphone. Most of the time, microphones are not placed close to speakers. Therefore, you may locate them on the front of the device close to the lens. In short, if you cannot find the speakers, you may look for the microphone to know if it records audio.

3. Serial Number

It is more challenging to determine if a conventional security camera has audio capabilities or not. This is because they usually do not have prominent features such as speakers on them. In addition, the security camera will probably not even have native audio functions. Therefore, if you are in a public area, you can always look up the camera’s serial number on Google. You can spot the serial number at the bottom of the security camera. This way, you can rest assured that the device is recording you or not.

4. External Microphones

Can’t find the serial number? You can just look for external microphones. This could help you find out if the security camera records audio or not. Typically, there’s no audio support for conventional CCTV that interfaces with NVR or DVR. Nonetheless, it is possible that the camera has hybrid connections. Thus, the audio will be conducted separately if the device does not have the audio recording. Look for a device that resembles a miniature smoke alarm with wires popping — it could be the external mic!

5. DVR & NVR Connections

The goal of a security camera is hidden surveillance. Hence, the microphone could be well concealed. You can, however, look for the wires which aren’t the easiest to conceal. A coaxial cable does not support native audio transfer. You may spot them being fed inside the wall where the security camera is recording. On the other hand, ethernet cables are used with NVRs, and they can transfer audio. So in case you spot one, audio is being recorded.

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