Do You Need Single, Dual, or Triple Panels?

The panels that you use to mount your illumination system can be just as important as the illuminators themselves. Installing the correct number of panels will help your cameras capture the footage you need, keeping your home or business secure. Below, we will explain the differences between single, dual, and triple panels so you can choose the right option for your needs.

When to Install a Single Panel

Single panel lights are a great solution for almost any CCTV user. They provide clear illumination while remaining discreet, making them perfect for cameras that you would like to remain unseen. They are also a great option for camera users who need a light mounted in a unique position. We offer single mounts for walls and poles, giving you plenty of placement options.

The Benefits of Dual and Triple Panels

Need a little more coverage? We offer both dual and triple panels that are great for low-light areas. Dual and triple panels will provide bright light, making them a security asset as the heavy illumination can ward off nighttime intruders. These panels will also increase the angles of illumination for more coverage. Our triple mounting bracket has 360-degree coverage for maximum lighting.

Not Sure Which Option is Best For You? Talk to an Expert

At Iluminar, we understand that every person’s lighting needs are different. If you are not sure which type of panels will give you the best results, we can help. Our co-owners have over 30 years of combined industry experience and can create a lighting system that meets your exact goals. To learn more, call Iluminar at 281-438-3500.

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