Choosing the Right IR Illuminators for CCTV Cameras

You want the right IR Illuminators for CCTV cameras, so you can get the detail you need for security. Security is of the utmost importance these days, when you have cash assets, inventory and people to protect. There are a few essential details to pay attention to so your CCTV camera is highly effective when you need it the most, for heightened security.

IR Illuminators Aid Your CCTV Camera

IR Illuminators for CCTV cameras create enough light so you can capture brilliant video without light that’s visible to the human eye. The things you want to ask yourself:

  • How much range do I need for my camera?
  • Where is the camera going to be mounted in relation to the area that needs monitoring?
  • Do I need the camera to capture viewable video, even in limited- or no-light, at night or in early morning?

Buying durable, long-lasting Infrared illuminators for CCTV cameras is crucial. It does not make sense to purchase cheap illuminators with limited range and warranty again and again. You should invest in illuminators that meet or exceed the requirements for your proposed project.

Long-Lasting Complete-Coverage IR Illuminators for CCTV Cameras

Iluminar Inc. has a large variety of IR illuminators for CCTV cameras available to ensure adequate coverage, with long-lasting bulbs, low power consumption and high protection, due to a lengthy warranty period.

The IR919-2 and the IR919-PoE-2 Series are both super long-range (280m or 919feet), minimal power consumption (48 watts) and are long-lasting (5-year warranty) illuminators. These are especially effective for new and used car sales lots, boat storage facilities, residential homeowner’s association (HOA) areas and campgrounds, because they can cover a large outdoor area with plate-recognition technology.

The IR623-2 Series is for long-range (190m or 623ft), has low power-consumption (36w) and is a long-lasting (5-year warranty) illuminator. Another long-range illuminator is the IR623-P Series with 24/7 continuous 360-degree rotation, for maximum coverage.

For medium-range (95m or 312ft) coverage, consider the IR312-2 Series or IR312-PoE-2 Series with average power consumption (24w) and it’s another long-lasting (5-year warranty) illuminator.

Short-range (45m or 148ft) coverage can be provided by the IR148-2 Series and the series illuminators with low power consumption (12w), and they’re both long-lasting (5-year warranty).

All these Infrared illuminators for CCTV cameras provide IP67 weatherproofing, LED technology, 10- to 120-degree angles and photocell IR on/off technology, built-in. Another brilliant feature for these illuminators is the naming standard. The coverage range is right in the name. For example, the IR 919 is useful to 919 feet.

When you know how much coverage you need, it is easy to get the right illuminator, just by considering the name.

Having quality Infrared illuminators for CCTV cameras can help save a life by capturing intruders before they have a chance to act. The company you purchase your illuminators from must be reliable and have excellent reviews. This way you have confidence in your CCTV system to capture you what you need to see.

Visit Iluminar Inc. for quality IR illuminators for CCTV cameras you can trust. We sell quality infrared products customers are pleased with, for their security needs. Visit our website today.

Consider Iluminar Inc. for the Coverage You Need With Maximum Warranty

No matter which IR illuminators for CCTV cameras you need, from short-range to super long-range, come to Iluminar Inc. to get the right illuminators you want for license plate and image recognition. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

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