Choosing the Right Infrared Security Light

While planning your surveillance system, you will want to know which is the most appropriate light to use in various situations. There are places and times to use white lights, infrared security lights, and when it is more beneficial or cost-effective to use PTZ cameras with an infrared security light builtin.

When to Use White Lights

White lights are most effective when you need the light for other activities, such as on the loading dock or in the warehouse while workers are present. White lights and infrared do not mix very well, so it is best to reserve infrared light for when the other building or exterior lights will be turned off.

You could also have white light tied into motion detectors. The lights would come on when intruders trip the alarm. You will want to use these close to or inside buildings, where light pollution will not disturb your neighbors.

When to Use Infrared Security Lights

Infrared security light should get used with surveillance cameras in remote locations where tracking an intruder’s movement is more crucial than catching them. When several break-ins have occurred, and there is no sign of how the intruders are getting in, it is time to get as clever as the burglars.

Infrared security lights are nearly undetectable to the human eye. Trespassers will not know they are being filmed and will show you how they gain entry, so you can strengthen your defenses in that area to avoid future intrusions.You will also have forensic evidence for law enforcement and court officials.

When to Use PTZ Cameras With Infrared Security Light

Point, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras with infrared lights are suitable for covering more area with fewer cameras. These cameras regularly rotate within the pattern you set, so they include the areas you need covered to get video, in case of a burglary.

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