CCTV IR Illuminator Long Range Benefits

CCTV IR Illuminator Long Range Considerations

As far as CCTV IR illuminator long range lights are concerned, you can think of them as CCTV lights on steroids. As the name indicates, they have long range capability. With these lights, it is possible to clearly make out images even at very long distances, provided the camera is also compatible. Other things that need to be considered before buying one of these lights are the illumination angle, weather proof casing, weather extremes it is capable of handling, and the photocell on/off switch. Infrared lights are safe to use for humans, however, the light should not be pointed directly at the camera, since the camera “sees” the light, which will cause blurry images.

Fortunately, CCTV IR Illuminator Long Range lights are neighbor friendly as well. With IR lights, you need not worry about light pollution in residential areas because like the intruders, your neighbors will never know they are there.

Why You Need CCTV IR Illuminator Long Range Lights

To use CCTV cameras at night, you need a light source for the camera to “see” what is happening. This could be an ordinary light pointing its beam in the direction the camera needs to capture images, except light-emitting diode (LED) do not have the reach of an IR long range light. The advantage of IR is that it is invisible to the human eye, because it reflects the light that is already there. But at the same time, it will illuminate whatever its beams reach, out as far as an amazing 1270 feet. In addition, the intruder does not even know they are being filmed because there is no apparent light.

InfraRed (IR) Lights: What’s the Big Advantage?

Security cameras, or CCTV cameras, have become popular in the last few years mainly due to their ability to capture on film what happens after hours on your property or while the homeowner is away. Before that, it was only businesses and rich homeowners who could afford to install and maintain InfraRed equipped CCTV. The ease of installing and operating them is a big reason for this rise in popularity and installation, not to mention lower costs. Cloud computing further enhanced their ease of use, reliability, and security.

This has led to an entire host of products supporting this technology, one of which is CCTV IR illuminator long range lights. This product is made in direct response to the type of cameras that became available. In the early years, CCTV cameras were only capable of giving small, hazy, black and white videos and photos of intruders, which weren’t much help to law enforcement (LE) officials. Videos and photos available today resemble something pulled off the Hubble Telescope.

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