CCTV Infrared Lights: The Perfect Match

With crime on the rise, Iluminar Inc. CCTV Infrared Lights can help you take your safety back. These exceptional and distinctive lights for security systems set themselves above the others. Businesses and homes can benefit from CCTV camera security systems with infrared lights. They are watching over your property helping to keep everything safe. You can choose which functionality suits your needs. There are a variety of options, including with or without sound, hidden camera, and IR Illuminators that pick up light images invisible to humans.

The Kinds of CCTV Infrared Lights You Should Have

Our latest innovation is the IR148-PoE series from the Sugar Land Iluminar branch in the Houston, TX, area. PoE is Power over Ethernet, which allows greater flexibility for installation and is cost-effective. This device is also weatherproof, has remote switching and a five-year warranty. Other features include a wide angle of visibility, longer life, and longer distance capabilities. Infrared illumination has night vision and low light settings that are great for picking up details and can even provide license plate recognition. This type of lighting is used by law enforcement to catch criminals in the act as well as to enable facial recognition. Once developed and used only in the military, illumination technology is now available to everyone.

Why You Should Have CCTV Infrared Lights

CCTV Infrared Lights have been specifically developed to work with security camera systems you may already have in place. These enhance visibility for more clear-cut images in areas where low light or no light is available, including short, medium and long-range image recognition.

A system with proper illumination lights that work with your cameras is a must-have for businesses and homes alike. It’s not just for law enforcement but anyone in security management or with a business, private home or homeowner’s association (HOA).

Infrared illumination can capture quality videos and movement in dark and near-dark situations far beyond the regular range of vision. Cameras matched with infrared lights provide you, your guests or customers a secure feeling, even at night, in areas of little or no light. Count on Iluminar Inc. for your CCTV infrared lights and security camera needs.

See Iluminar Inc. for Your CCTV Infrared Lights

Visit our website to find the perfect match for your CCTV infrared lights. Our infrared illuminators come in a variety of wattage and have short to long-range capability. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

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