CCTV Infrared Lights Beneficial both Inside and Out

The Benefits of CCTV Infrared Lights

CCTV infrared lights offer the user many benefits both indoors and outdoors, including crime deterrence, record keeping and the settlement of disputes. However, the biggest savings come from reduced energy costs. With infrared technology, you no longer need to flood the neighborhood with light to get a quality video.

CCTV IR Lights: Uses Outdoors

How well a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera captures the video is determined by a few different variables, but the most important variable is proper lighting. Without proper lighting, your videos will be blurred and grainy, which will prove nearly worthless to investigators and law enforcement.

CCTV outdoor infrared lights assist when low light conditions exist and help eliminate the glare from streetlights and car headlights, so you get a clearer video. You can save up to 80 or 90 percent of bandwidth storage space using infrared lighting. The infrared lighting will help with the quality of the video and the recorded video will be a higher quality. Incredibly enough, low-quality video uses more recording bandwidth due to the noise created.

Most crimes happen at night, yet problems with low light conditions can be reduced with the proper CCTV technology. There are several CCTV systems available to the public including a dome, bullet, C-mount, day or night, network, wireless, high definition and infrared. Many are leaning toward “smart” infrared lights, which is a technology that can adjust the intensity of the cameras infrared LEDs so that the infrared keeps from overexposing the object with white light. In addition, these lights are projected to last up to 20 years.

CCTV Infrared Lights: Uses Inside

Indoor CCTV infrared light systems are more streamlined than those used outdoors. The indoor models are lighter in weight and produce clear pictures in low-light conditions. Many banks, pharmacies and homes use indoor CCTV, which offers clear video images in low-light or dark conditions. For the most part, the indoor models are nearly hidden and come in wired or wireless models. Wired models are more reliable, last longer and have a better video quality.

When you want the latest in-home, office and business security cameras, the use of infrared lights for security cameras makes these devices more practical, more beneficial and more affordable.

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