Bright Spots on CCTV Video Footage: 5 Reasons They Appear!

Security cameras are a game changer when it comes to your property’s security. You can monitor the outside and inside activities in both your house and office. As much as they’re helpful, surely there are times when you face problems with them. Sometimes your CCTV camera footage might have areas of white or bright spots, but why? We’ll tell you what they mean and how you can resolve his issue based on the cause.

Why do White Spots Appear on CCTV Footage?

Some common reasons your CCTV footage has white spots include:

1. IR Light Reflection

Infrared lights can help improve the footage and make it much more clear. But any nearby surface can reflect it onto the camera’s lens, looking like white spots on the footage. Moreover, a surface that is not within the screen’s shot can also reflect the IR light. Although it might not be visible to you, IR Light is actually quite bright.
Not to forget, there are more chances of IR reflection if the camera has a wide angle of view.

2. Light Pollution

Light sources close to your CCTV camera can also be the reason behind bright spots in the security footage. Therefore, any light sources present in the security camera’s view usually cause light pollution. Even the sun is an external light source.

3. Position of Camera’s Sun Visor

Sunlight is also a common reason your CCTV camera footage might look too bright. This is when the sun visor comes to the rescue, only if you position it right. A sun visor shields the camera against sun rays. However, positioning it forwards can cause bright spots on the camera video footage.

4. Sealing Rings are Not in Position

In a vandal dome camera, you must place the sealing rings between the lens and the inside of a clear plastic cover. If they’re not in the proper position, bright spots can appear on the CCTV feed or video. You might also refer to sealing rings as foam gasket rings.

5. Floating Dust Particles

Bright spots in CCTV video might actually be illuminated dust particles. These out-of-focus white spots might look like ‘circles of confusion’ in the security footage.

Fixing Bright Spots on CCTV Video or Feed

Now, let’s discuss how to fix these bright spots on your CCTV footage. The following might help:

  • For IR reflection, move the camera’s angle or narrow the field of view by zooming in.
  • For light pollution, move the camera angle slightly away from the external light source. These light sources can be the sun, street lights, etc.
  • Place the sun visor or rear in line with the back of the camera’s body.
  • Place the sealing ring on the dome bubble and fix it there. You can also use electrical tape.
  • To avoid floating dust particles, keep the windows and doors shut.

The Final Word

Security cameras help us monitor the inside and outside of our property. However, you might notice some bright spots on the CCTV video that affect the view. Fortunately, you can fix the issue after identifying the cause. Make your night vision footage even better with our illuminators at Iluminar. We are always available for more information at +1-281-438-3500.

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