Infrared Lights For Night Vision

Business and home security has never been more critical than it is today. Every day, criminals are looking for ways to quickly get into your properties and take anything of value. Therefore, you should consider security cameras for your business, church or homeowner’s association (HOA). For those businesses and homes already equipped with CCTV, infrared lights for night vision provide your cameras the added boost to continue to function in low-light/no light situations almost as if it is broad daylight.

The Advantage of Infrared Lights for Night Vision

A properly set up camera system is your property’s guardian while you are away or even inside your home. Using just your CCTV camera, you can monitor hundreds of feet away from your camera’s location during daylight. The problem is that very few criminals act during daylight hours, leaving you vulnerable after the sun sets.

Once the sun sets, those cameras need the assistance of enhanced lighting to capture images. Infrared lights for night vision are out of the spectrum visible to the human eye. However, many models of CCTV cameras are set up to accommodate that light spectrum and can create crystal clear video with vivid detail, even in total darkness.

Another advantage of IR lights for night vision is that they consume very little electrical power. In fact, infrared lights have a more extended range (almost a quarter of a mile) than white lights with little impact on the energy consumed. So you will use fewer lights to cover more territory with less kilowatt consumption. By using wide-angle infrared illuminators, you can even reach into those dark corners where intruders like to hide. Even when a trespasser can see the camera, they have no idea if it is working or not.

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Visit Iluminar Inc. today to choose the right infrared lights for night vision and wide-angle illuminators to couple with your CCTV. Infrared lights are the most cost-effective method to keep your camera system discreet while still getting the best video possible to help law enforcement catch the bad guys.We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

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