Boost Your Camera With Infrared Lights for Night Vision

When it’s dark, the range and quality of images your cameras provide is significantly reduced. The visible spectrum that can be processed by the human eye is limited, even in daytime. However, as we are diurnal animals – awake mostly during daylight hours – it’s not something that typically causes any issues. Until, that is, you attempt to review camera footage captured during the night. That’s when you need to consider infrared lights for night vision.

Infrared Lights for Night Vision

If for any reason you are not getting the most out of your security cameras after dark, infrared lights for night vision can help bring clarity to your recordings. More importantly, with increased visibility of the light spectrum, you will see unwanted intruders that you would have otherwise missed, no matter how many times you watched recordings picked up by your cameras.

Animal Invaders

One of the most beneficial uses of infrared lights for night vision is catching critters that are wreaking havoc on your property. Nocturnal animals can easily blend in with their surroundings, making it nearly impossible to see them in the dark. Infrared lights for night vision allow your cameras to pick up heat signatures from living creatures that are not visible to the human eye.

Based on a particular animal’s movements, you can actually determine what, exactly, it is on your property that is so enticing. One of the best ways to deter critters is by removing desirable food sources or habitats. With infrared lights for night vision, you can see exactly what is bringing all the animals to your yard.

Home Invaders

There is a reason the police use helicopters mounted with infrared lights for night vision during an active pursuit at night. Criminals make great use of shadows and typically wear dark clothes at night, so they are harder to see. Just like any other animal, however, they cannot hide from infrared lights for night vision.

Most professional burglars recognize different types of security systems, including those using infrared lights for night vision. There is no greater deterrent for a house breaker than seeing a robust security system that won’t make for an easy entry with little risk of getting caught.

Iluminar provides effective security systems that address every need. If you are concerned about protecting your property against unwanted visitors, contact Iluminar and ask about infrared lights for night vision.

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