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What is a Infrared Illuminator?

October 30, 2020

An infrared illuminator or an IR illuminator is a device that transmits light in the infrared spectrum. Infrared light which can also be known as infrared radiation has a longer wavelength than visible light hence it is experienced as heat. When directly viewed, the infrared radiation is not visible to the human eye. But the … Continue reading “What is a Infrared Illuminator?”

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What is the speed of light?

October 15, 2020

You’ve seen it in movies and heard it from everyone, but do you really know is the what the speed of light? What is the speed of light? An astronomer had once determined that light moves at a speed of 301.000 kilometers per second. Earth’s rotation around the Sun was the basis of his calculation. … Continue reading “What is the speed of light?”

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How does night vision light work in CCTVs??

September 30, 2020

Hunting predators at night in the jungle or river is dangerous, along with being adventurous and thrilling. However, it is not possible without the night vision light. The light uses the technology that makes things visible around even in pitch darkness. Gone are the days when only a scene of a bright night was on … Continue reading “How does night vision light work in CCTVs??”

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Hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision

September 15, 2020

It is a wise decision to have hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision. Many prefer to put up their surveillance cameras in a place that is visible to all. Both options are present; however, there are many good reasons to have it hidden from the public. The main aim of having a night vision … Continue reading “Hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision”

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Infrared illuminator led flood light bulbs and other options for use in CCTV

August 30, 2020

The crime rate of violence and the property are high, especially at night time. Outdoor security is one of the main concerns; therefore, many features have surveillance systems available to guard for 24 hours. Many systems use infrared illuminator led flood light bulbs having automatic functions to switch the light on and off at dusk and … Continue reading “Infrared illuminator led flood light bulbs and other options for use in CCTV”

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The infrared LED light in actual day/night camera

August 15, 2020

A human eye is dominant, but still, it needs light to look around clearly. Like a security camera in which capturing imaging in daylight is simple, but is it identical at night when it is pitch dark? Hence the camera at night needs an infrared led light to function correctly. When it’s dark, the CCTV … Continue reading “The infrared LED light in actual day/night camera”

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Comparing illuminators for security cameras

July 30, 2020

Security cameras with illuminators have become essential in almost every aspect of our lives. When we go to any place of business, cameras are pointing in every direction. When we go to the mall to have a good time, cameras look at the entrance of every store. In the old times, robberies were prevalent as … Continue reading “Comparing illuminators for security cameras”

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Types of security for your home

July 15, 2020

Without a sense of safety, it would be tough to sleep at night. We would continuously wake up, worrying about whether someone is trying to break into the comfort of our home. We can go to sleep peacefully, knowing there are laws and different types of security to protect us. Even though there are laws … Continue reading “Types of security for your home”

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Illuminators during a time of protests

June 30, 2020

Fighting for something you believe in is the basis of the United States Of America. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers fought in the American Revolution to gain rights the people deserved. In our time, hundreds and thousands of soldiers fought in the Vietnam war, world war one, and even world war two. They fought in … Continue reading “Illuminators during a time of protests”

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The Need for Illuminators in Easy Terms

June 15, 2020

We all care about safety. It protects us from being harmed and allows us to have peace of mind. Many of us have different ways to protect ourselves from losing our safety. Some of us may have lights as a way to scare an intruder; others may even hire bodyguards to watch their homes. However, … Continue reading “The Need for Illuminators in Easy Terms”

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