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Modern Features to Look for in Surveillance Lights

August 22, 2017

Modern features in surveillance lights are an important part of your security protocol, and you will find that you may include your lights with cameras, wide-angle illuminators for broader coverage, motion sensors, and other security features. This article explains how you may use lights to improve security, and we will discuss some simple tricks for … Continue reading “Modern Features to Look for in Surveillance Lights”

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Security Camera IR Illuminators Make the Night Shine

August 15, 2017

The use of security camera IR illuminators, or infrared, provides light for CCTV without disturbing the natural lighting, or better yet, the lack of lighting. IR works best with low-light or no-light, because it uses reflected body temperature to illuminate. There are three physical aspects of IR that must be understood to best utilize security … Continue reading “Security Camera IR Illuminators Make the Night Shine”

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4 Benefits of IR Lights for Security Cameras

August 08, 2017

  Infrared (IR) Lights for Security Cameras Everyone knows there is nothing equal to infrared or IR lights for security cameras – everyone except intruders, evidently. They brazenly enter areas where they know they don’t belong, and they would not be detected if not for IR lights. IR lights do not give the intruder any … Continue reading “4 Benefits of IR Lights for Security Cameras”

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The Cost Effectiveness of the Wide Angle IR Illuminator

August 01, 2017

If you are using a night vision camera system to provide surveillance in your backyard, Homeowners Association (HOA) residential area, a business warehouse or parking facility, but have been struggling with grainy images and poor illumination, there is only so much you can do with the camera itself to solve the problem. The wide angle … Continue reading “The Cost Effectiveness of the Wide Angle IR Illuminator”

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