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CCTV Infrared Lights: The Perfect Match

September 14, 2018

With crime on the rise, Iluminar Inc. CCTV Infrared Lights can help you take your safety back. These exceptional and distinctive lights for security systems set themselves above the others. Businesses and homes can benefit from CCTV camera security systems with infrared lights. They are watching over your property helping to keep everything safe. You … Continue reading “CCTV Infrared Lights: The Perfect Match”

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Top Tips for Buying a Security Camera IR Illuminator

August 24, 2018

When considering a security camera IR illuminator it is important to first understand your needs. This is a purchase that should be based on your business need, so not just any security camera Infrared illuminator will suffice. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind so that you buy the right one for … Continue reading “Top Tips for Buying a Security Camera IR Illuminator”

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Picking the Right IR Lights for Security Cameras

August 15, 2018

IR lights for security cameras are an ideal addition for enhancing the images your camera’s capture, including license plate numbers. Choosing the right IR lights for security cameras is not always about cost. You could end up spending an extraordinary amount of money for lights you don’t really need. At Illumina, our focus is on … Continue reading “Picking the Right IR Lights for Security Cameras”

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The Very Cool Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision

July 23, 2018

Night vision is usually thought of as the ability to see at night, but this is only partly true. Night vision illumination gives cameras the ability to record images in low-light conditions as well. This can be achieved either biologically (naturally) or technologically. With enhancement of the spectral range and intensity range of available light … Continue reading “The Very Cool Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision”

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How Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras Works

July 16, 2018

Security and safety are crucial to warehouse operators, homeowner’s associations (HOA) and large-scale businesses. They rely on roving guards and CCTV cameras to monitor what’s going on in their area of operation. Infrared light for CCTV cameras provides you with the ability to create video or still photo images in no-light or low-light situations. But, … Continue reading “How Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras Works”

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The Multiple Uses for the Invisible IR Illuminator

June 22, 2018

  Invisible IR Illuminator: Light Up Your World The invisible IR illuminator can capture available light and make it available for video recording and still photos. IR illuminators come with a variety of wattage, power source options, and have multiple uses. Wide-angle illuminators can reach even the most difficult shaded areas and light it up. … Continue reading “The Multiple Uses for the Invisible IR Illuminator”

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How to Find the Best Infrared Security Light for Your Business

June 13, 2018

The past few decades have seen a rise in technological developments. One of the areas most affected by technological inventions and enhancements is that of closed-circuit television (CCTV). Coupling cameras with infrared security light technology assists businesses by detecting objects and their movement, even in low-light/no-light situations. It is shrewd to use infrared in this … Continue reading “How to Find the Best Infrared Security Light for Your Business”

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The Advantages of a CCTV Light

May 15, 2018

  CCTV Light Defines Your Security System The importance of quality CCTV light, with cameras, makes it easier to clearly see what is in our surroundings, through images captured by cameras. This is paramount for safety, security and accountability. In much the same way light works with our eyes, light defines images captured by cameras. … Continue reading “The Advantages of a CCTV Light”

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Getting the Best Performance From an Infrared Outdoor Light

April 21, 2018

So, you have already been sold on the idea of using infrared outdoor light as part of your security system, but do you know how to get the best performance? Each property will have different requirements, but there are basic rules you can follow to maximize the efficiency of your infrared outdoor light. Infrared Outdoor … Continue reading “Getting the Best Performance From an Infrared Outdoor Light”

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Boost Your Camera With Infrared Lights for Night Vision

April 16, 2018

When it’s dark, the range and quality of images your cameras provide is significantly reduced. The visible spectrum that can be processed by the human eye is limited, even in daytime. However, as we are diurnal animals – awake mostly during daylight hours – it’s not something that typically causes any issues. Until, that is, … Continue reading “Boost Your Camera With Infrared Lights for Night Vision”

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