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Comparing illuminators for security cameras

July 30, 2020

Security cameras with illuminators have become essential in almost every aspect of our lives. When we go to any place of business, cameras are pointing in every direction. When we go to the mall to have a good time, cameras look at the entrance of every store. In the old times, robberies were prevalent as … Continue reading “Comparing illuminators for security cameras”

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Types of security for your home

July 15, 2020

Without a sense of safety, it would be tough to sleep at night. We would continuously wake up, worrying about whether someone is trying to break into the comfort of our home. We can go to sleep peacefully, knowing there are laws and different types of security to protect us. Even though there are laws … Continue reading “Types of security for your home”

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Illuminators during a time of protests

June 30, 2020

Fighting for something you believe in is the basis of the United States Of America. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers fought in the American Revolution to gain rights the people deserved. In our time, hundreds and thousands of soldiers fought in the Vietnam war, world war one, and even world war two. They fought in … Continue reading “Illuminators during a time of protests”

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The Need for Illuminators in Easy Terms

June 15, 2020

We all care about safety. It protects us from being harmed and allows us to have peace of mind. Many of us have different ways to protect ourselves from losing our safety. Some of us may have lights as a way to scare an intruder; others may even hire bodyguards to watch their homes. However, … Continue reading “The Need for Illuminators in Easy Terms”

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List of accessories in IR video camera for ultimate safety

March 30, 2020

When it comes to capturing video in low or no light zones, CCTV using infrared video cameras is the most suitable option.  The list of accessories in CCTV is IR illuminator, monitor, power supplies, transmitter, etc. The accessories work together to provide night vision. Infrared is essential for recording overnight.  Security is a 24-hour job; … Continue reading “List of accessories in IR video camera for ultimate safety”

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The best CCTV camera accessories for night surveillance

March 15, 2020

This world is not a completely safe place; even in the darkness of night, there has to be an eye to look over for the safety of the place. Keeping in mind the demands of customer’s particularly in the commercial sector, manufacturers are installing the IR floodlights in CCTV. They monitor the area and provide … Continue reading “The best CCTV camera accessories for night surveillance”

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Why Should You Have IR Lights for Security Cameras?

February 29, 2020

Security cameras play a vital role in keeping citizens safe and sound. But what if the cameras cannot capture a clear video during the night? IR lights prove best for security cameras when it comes to taking a clear video, even in the dark. It not only solves the lighting problem but also proves good … Continue reading “Why Should You Have IR Lights for Security Cameras?”

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What Can a Long-Range IR Illuminator Do?

February 15, 2020

Have you experienced a robbery in your store that a CCTV camera was not able to record? A camera plays a vital role when it comes to keeping your home and business safe. But what benefit will the camera give if it covers the events only in daylight? Now with a long-range IR illuminator, your … Continue reading “What Can a Long-Range IR Illuminator Do?”

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Increase Road Safety With CCTV and Illuminators

January 30, 2020

Video surveillance is a great way to make sure your roads are being used safely and efficiently. CCTV footage allows companies, authorities, and city planners to monitor roads so they can perform specific maintenance and create solutions to the most common problems that drivers face. In this article, we will explain how illuminators help cameras … Continue reading “Increase Road Safety With CCTV and Illuminators”

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Using Illuminators to Stop Animal Pests

January 15, 2020

Animal pests are a common problem for households and businesses, especially if you have certain types of landscaping. If you notice that animals are getting into your dumpsters or eating your plants, it can be hard to determine which types of animals are the culprit. Using CCTV equipment and illuminators will help you locate the … Continue reading “Using Illuminators to Stop Animal Pests”

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Installing Illuminators in the Winter

December 30, 2019

As we approach the new year, you are probably outlining your company’s goals for 2020. Installing security cameras and illuminators will help to keep your business secure so you can grow with confidence. Below, we will explain why installing illuminators is the perfect winter project. Break-Ins Can Happen at Any Time of Year Unfortunately, many … Continue reading “Installing Illuminators in the Winter”

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Do You Need Single, Dual, or Triple Panels?

December 15, 2019

The panels that you use to mount your illumination system can be just as important as the illuminators themselves. Installing the correct number of panels will help your cameras capture the footage you need, keeping your home or business secure. Below, we will explain the differences between single, dual, and triple panels so you can … Continue reading “Do You Need Single, Dual, or Triple Panels?”

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How Illumination Can Benefit Your Business

November 30, 2019

Business owners understand how important security is for a company. While security cameras, guards, and other protections can deter criminals, there are other technical products that business owners can use to further protect their property. Below, we will explain how illumination can increase security and keep your business safe. Reasons for Illumination If you are … Continue reading “How Illumination Can Benefit Your Business”

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Saving Money with LED Illuminators

November 15, 2019

There are so many reasons to consider LED illuminators for your security cameras. These lights will increase security and help you to get the clearest picture from your camera footage. While most people are aware of the technical benefits of LED illuminators, they might not know that these devices can also save you money. Keep … Continue reading “Saving Money with LED Illuminators”

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mounting Bracket

October 30, 2019

The accessories that you use with your lighting equipment can be just as important as the lights themselves. For instance, choosing the correct mounting brackets for your lights will help your CCTV equipment get the best results which will increase your security and peace of mind. At Illuminar, we offer different types of mounting brackets … Continue reading “Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mounting Bracket”

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Customize Your Lighting Solution With an IL-RC Remote Control

October 15, 2019

When it comes to CCTV lighting, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Your security needs and camera usage habits might change over time. Fortunately, you don’t need to replace your lighting when your security needs change. Adding remote control to your lighting system will allow you to easily adjust the settings on your lights to … Continue reading “Customize Your Lighting Solution With an IL-RC Remote Control”

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Where to Find Reliable Lighting Solutions for CCTV Cameras

September 30, 2019

Without a reliable lighting source, your CCTV cameras are only functional half the time; sometimes even less than that. And since assailants know that your cameras are useless when it’s dark, they know the perfect time to put their criminal plans into action. The simple solution would be to install illuminators to your security cameras, … Continue reading “Where to Find Reliable Lighting Solutions for CCTV Cameras”

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How to Solve Common CCTV Night Vision Problems

September 20, 2019

A functional CCTV camera will provide 24/7 surveillance cover for your home and business location. During the day, most users have no complaints about their security cameras and the quality of footage captured. The reverse is the case at night. If you own a surveillance system, you’ve probably experienced one of the following problems: Full … Continue reading “How to Solve Common CCTV Night Vision Problems”

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Frequently Asked Questions About Infrared Illuminators

August 08, 2019

Sometimes, it is necessary that the target area of a surveillance camera remains dark to the human eye. Infrared illuminators are made for instances like these. Since infrared lies in the non-visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, human beings cannot see their light but cameras can. Here are some FAQs about infrared illuminators: Why do … Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions About Infrared Illuminators”

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How to Prevent CCTV Blind Spots

August 08, 2019

To get a full view from CCTV cameras, you need to install at least 2/3 of them. One to cover the area you want to be surveilled and the others to cover the first security camera blind spots. Depending on how big the focus area is and in a bid to avoid blind spots, you … Continue reading “How to Prevent CCTV Blind Spots”

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How to Enhance the Quality of Your CCTV Footage

June 26, 2019

The footages captured by most CCTV cameras are not clear enough to identify intruders convincingly. As a result, the images (and videos) often fail to provide prosecutors with enough evidence to convict suspects. If your security cameras are not capturing clear footage, here are some helpful tips on how to enhance security camera footage.

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Questions to Ask Before Buying CCTV Cameras

June 18, 2019

There are many different reasons to buy a security camera. To improve the security at your home or place of business, ward off potential intruders and identify them should they break in successfully, or to set up an advance warning system. Before deciding on the ideal CCTV unit, however, there are some questions to ask about CCTV Cameras.

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The Main Types of Infrared Illuminators

May 22, 2019

Infrared illuminators emit light in the infrared spectrum, making their rays (and illuminating effect) invisible to the human eye. In simple terms, IR illuminators emit light that cannot be seen with the naked eyes. As a result of this, infrared or IR illuminators have a wide range of functions; from providing light for night vision security cameras to serving as a covert flashlight for hunting.

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3 Tips on Picking the Right Night-Vision Camera

May 18, 2019

Night-vision cameras are a combination of CCTV cameras and infrared illuminators. They are used for covert surveillance, and in a bid to improve security at your home, you may find yourself in the market for a night-vision camera. Before making a decision, however, here are some points to keep in mind.

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How IR Illuminators Improve Security in Residential Areas

April 23, 2019

More surveillance cameras are being fitted with infrared illuminators in places where a low level of lighting is required e.g., cinemas, theatres, and wildlife observation posts. Since IR does not emit visible light, it provides a source of illumination for surveillance gear without lighting up the immediate surrounding as white lights do. An increasing number … Continue reading “How IR Illuminators Improve Security in Residential Areas”

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The Difference Between Infrared and Visible Light

April 17, 2019

What is the difference between infrared and visible light ? Visible light is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen with the naked eye. Infrared, on the other hand, is invisible to the human eye and exists just beyond the visible spectrum. The differences between these 2 lights give them different applications. … Continue reading “The Difference Between Infrared and Visible Light”

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Why LED Lights are The Best for Security Cameras

March 22, 2019

Over the past couple of years, the world has seen LED lights replace incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps as the favored lighting source for CCTV and security cameras. Why is this so? Find out below: They offer superior quality and longer lifespans LED lights provide the best illumination of all lighting sources; the spread of … Continue reading “Why LED Lights are The Best for Security Cameras”

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LED Lights V Fluorescent Bulbs

March 18, 2019

Two of the most common lightings in the world are fluorescent lamps and LED bulbs. How do the 2 measure up against each other? We investigate: Fluorescent lamps Fluorescent lamps are low-pressure gas discharge lamps that produce visible light using fluorescence. They were developed to replace the old incandescent bulbs but in like manner, they … Continue reading “LED Lights V Fluorescent Bulbs”

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Choosing the Right Infrared Security Light

February 25, 2019

While planning your surveillance system, you will want to know which is the most appropriate light to use in various situations. There are places and times to use white lights, infrared security lights, and when it is more beneficial or cost-effective to use PTZ cameras with an infrared security light builtin. When to Use White … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Infrared Security Light”

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Everything You Need to Know About Infrared Illuminators

February 14, 2019

Infrared illuminators are critical for CCTV use in low-light/no-light situations. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about infrared illuminators including planning range, weatherproofing, accessories, and PTZ. The Planning Range of Infrared Illuminators Whatever planning range you need for your surveillance camera setup, we have the infrared illuminators to meet … Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Infrared Illuminators”

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The Top 3 Things to Look for in an Infrared Security Light

January 25, 2019

Infrared security lights provide illumination for your CCTV cameras. To get the best possible lights for your needs, you should consider three crucial elements: enough light for clear video, will it cover the planned range, and weatherproof requirement. #1 – Does the Infrared Security Light Provide Enough Light for Clear Video The illuminators you use … Continue reading “The Top 3 Things to Look for in an Infrared Security Light”

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What Is the Range of an IR Illuminator?

January 14, 2019

Infrared (IR) illuminators coupled with your CCTV come in ranges from short to super long-range. A convenient method to tell how long the range is for Iluminar Inc. products is to look at the name. The IR-148-2 means it has a range of 148 feet (ft) or about 45 meters (m) with a low-end power … Continue reading “What Is the Range of an IR Illuminator?”

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A Guide for CCTV Lights

December 26, 2018

The use of the technologies contained in digital cameras and camcorders has driven the rapid advance of CCTV cameras. However, without CCTV lights, the camera itself is useless in no light/low-light situations. Pictures and videos can only result when light is added to the equation. So then, why is it so common to have poor … Continue reading “A Guide for CCTV Lights”

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Increase Your Security With an Infrared Outdoor Light

December 12, 2018

It is wise to increase the ability of your camera to provide security footage to law enforcement by adding an infrared outdoor light. Adding motion detectors and infrared illuminators to the front and rear of your home will increase security around your home. Add Infrared Outdoor Light to CCTV Cameras All you need to create … Continue reading “Increase Your Security With an Infrared Outdoor Light”

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IR Lights for Night Vision to Boost Your Security

November 26, 2018

This is the time of year we all need to boost our security. There is no better method for boosting security when you need it most than with IR lights for night vision. Most home intrusions and business burglaries occur in no-light or low-light situations. That is why you need IR illuminators. They increase your … Continue reading “IR Lights for Night Vision to Boost Your Security”

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Add Night Vision to Your CCTV With an Infrared CCTV Light

November 14, 2018

You can add night vision to your CCTV with potent infrared illuminators that provide infrared CCTV light for your cameras. These powerful and effective illuminators can really light up the night. Well, truthfully, this only happens when matched with your CCTV, because infrared is not visible to the naked human eye. To put this into … Continue reading “Add Night Vision to Your CCTV With an Infrared CCTV Light”

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Security Industry Shines Spotlight on Eddie Reynolds

October 24, 2018

Much like light is vital to our video surveillance solutions, Edwina “Eddie” Reynolds has become vital to the security industry. A security veteran of 25 years, Reynolds has worked to push her company and herself to new levels of success. Since founding iluminar in 2009, the business has grown to become a leading manufacturer and … Continue reading “Security Industry Shines Spotlight on Eddie Reynolds”

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Halloween is the Best Time to Use an Infrared Camera Light

October 24, 2018

Well, here we are once again, farmers and gardeners are well into harvest for most crops and Halloween is here again. What that means for school-aged children and their parents is costumes, trick or treat, and lots of goodies. Also, what it means for many, since the reality show Ghost Hunters is using infrared camera … Continue reading “Halloween is the Best Time to Use an Infrared Camera Light”

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What to Look For in Infrared Light CCTV

October 12, 2018

Infrared light CCTV is ideal for security systems that require clear illumination at night and in low-light areas. The best systems ensure the quality of images is high, regardless of whether it is day or night. If you have a specific need, it helps to understand the various features to look for in IR light … Continue reading “What to Look For in Infrared Light CCTV”

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Choosing the Right IR Illuminators for CCTV Cameras

September 24, 2018

You want the right IR Illuminators for CCTV cameras, so you can get the detail you need for security. Security is of the utmost importance these days, when you have cash assets, inventory and people to protect. There are a few essential details to pay attention to so your CCTV camera is highly effective when … Continue reading “Choosing the Right IR Illuminators for CCTV Cameras”

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CCTV Infrared Lights: The Perfect Match

September 14, 2018

With crime on the rise, Iluminar Inc. CCTV Infrared Lights can help you take your safety back. These exceptional and distinctive lights for security systems set themselves above the others. Businesses and homes can benefit from CCTV camera security systems with infrared lights. They are watching over your property helping to keep everything safe. You … Continue reading “CCTV Infrared Lights: The Perfect Match”

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Top Tips for Buying a Security Camera IR Illuminator

August 24, 2018

When considering a security camera IR illuminator it is important to first understand your needs. This is a purchase that should be based on your business need, so not just any security camera Infrared illuminator will suffice. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind so that you buy the right one for … Continue reading “Top Tips for Buying a Security Camera IR Illuminator”

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Picking the Right IR Lights for Security Cameras

August 15, 2018

IR lights for security cameras are an ideal addition for enhancing the images your camera’s capture, including license plate numbers. Choosing the right IR lights for security cameras is not always about cost. You could end up spending an extraordinary amount of money for lights you don’t really need. At Illumina, our focus is on … Continue reading “Picking the Right IR Lights for Security Cameras”

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The Very Cool Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision

July 23, 2018

Night vision is usually thought of as the ability to see at night, but this is only partly true. Night vision illumination gives cameras the ability to record images in low-light conditions as well. This can be achieved either biologically (naturally) or technologically. With enhancement of the spectral range and intensity range of available light … Continue reading “The Very Cool Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision”

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How Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras Works

July 16, 2018

Security and safety are crucial to warehouse operators, homeowner’s associations (HOA) and large-scale businesses. They rely on roving guards and CCTV cameras to monitor what’s going on in their area of operation. Infrared light for CCTV cameras provides you with the ability to create video or still photo images in no-light or low-light situations. But, … Continue reading “How Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras Works”

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The Multiple Uses for the Invisible IR Illuminator

June 22, 2018

  Invisible IR Illuminator: Light Up Your World The invisible IR illuminator can capture available light and make it available for video recording and still photos. IR illuminators come with a variety of wattage, power source options, and have multiple uses. Wide-angle illuminators can reach even the most difficult shaded areas and light it up. … Continue reading “The Multiple Uses for the Invisible IR Illuminator”

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How to Find the Best Infrared Security Light for Your Business

June 13, 2018

The past few decades have seen a rise in technological developments. One of the areas most affected by technological inventions and enhancements is that of closed-circuit television (CCTV). Coupling cameras with infrared security light technology assists businesses by detecting objects and their movement, even in low-light/no-light situations. It is shrewd to use infrared in this … Continue reading “How to Find the Best Infrared Security Light for Your Business”

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The Advantages of a CCTV Light

May 15, 2018

  CCTV Light Defines Your Security System The importance of quality CCTV light, with cameras, makes it easier to clearly see what is in our surroundings, through images captured by cameras. This is paramount for safety, security and accountability. In much the same way light works with our eyes, light defines images captured by cameras. … Continue reading “The Advantages of a CCTV Light”

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Getting the Best Performance From an Infrared Outdoor Light

April 21, 2018

So, you have already been sold on the idea of using infrared outdoor light as part of your security system, but do you know how to get the best performance? Each property will have different requirements, but there are basic rules you can follow to maximize the efficiency of your infrared outdoor light. Infrared Outdoor … Continue reading “Getting the Best Performance From an Infrared Outdoor Light”

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Boost Your Camera With Infrared Lights for Night Vision

April 16, 2018

When it’s dark, the range and quality of images your cameras provide is significantly reduced. The visible spectrum that can be processed by the human eye is limited, even in daytime. However, as we are diurnal animals – awake mostly during daylight hours – it’s not something that typically causes any issues. Until, that is, … Continue reading “Boost Your Camera With Infrared Lights for Night Vision”

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How Much Area Does an Infrared Outdoor Light Illuminate?

March 29, 2018

The use of infrared outdoor light is neither a new nor a novel concept. What is new and innovative, however, is the increase in availability of these types of lights and the area these lights can cover. Because the quality of video or images produced depends on the quality of the camera and the lights, … Continue reading “How Much Area Does an Infrared Outdoor Light Illuminate?”

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Infrared Lights For Night Vision

March 16, 2018

Business and home security has never been more critical than it is today. Every day, criminals are looking for ways to quickly get into your properties and take anything of value. Therefore, you should consider security cameras for your business, church or homeowner’s association (HOA). For those businesses and homes already equipped with CCTV, infrared … Continue reading “Infrared Lights For Night Vision”

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The Technology Behind the Infrared CCTV Light

February 21, 2018

Infrared CCTV light illumination is a conventional light source for nighttime operations. Its wavelengths,longer than those of visible light technology, make it nearly invisible to the human eye. Many different fields utilize infrared light technology to conduct scientific research projects, military and covert operations, and even uses within the medical area, such as forensics. The … Continue reading “The Technology Behind the Infrared CCTV Light”

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The Best Reasons to Invest in an Infrared Camera Light

February 14, 2018

When they think of investments, most people think about stocks, bonds, precious metals or other items that usually increase in value when kept for a long time. However, for businesses and homeowners who use a CCTV with their security system, the savings realized by using an infrared camera light with their CCTV cameras can be … Continue reading “The Best Reasons to Invest in an Infrared Camera Light”

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Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision

January 24, 2018

Technology is advancing rapidly, and homeowners and business owners are using the technology available to make their homes and businesses more secure with infrared illumination light for night vision, to couple with their CCTV cameras. Even the best technologically-advanced cameras need help in total darkness. Surely, you could use powerful white lights and flood your … Continue reading “Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision”

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Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras

January 16, 2018

Could this be your story? Although this is fictional, the problem’s solution is real: infrared light for CCTV cameras. Every camera needs light to work correctly, and CCTV is no different. Don’t blame your camera for grainy or blurry videos, blame the light, and then fix it. You own a marina in the suburbs of … Continue reading “Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras”

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How an Invisible IR Illuminator Works

December 23, 2017

Many people believe darkness is the absence of light, but that’s not exactly true. Darkness is the absence of light visible to the naked eye. Invisible IR illuminators are not really invisible either, it’s just that your optical lens cannot pick up that range of light. Light appears to us in ranges from ultra-violet (UV) … Continue reading “How an Invisible IR Illuminator Works”

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Give a Gift to Your Security Camera With Illuminator Infrared

December 12, 2017

Maybe it’s time to get illuminator infrared lights for your security cameras. Why? Well, here we are again at “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” and many are wrapping gifts and decorating their homes and businesses for the holidays. Unfortunately, it is not so merry and bright for you and your security camera. Someone … Continue reading “Give a Gift to Your Security Camera With Illuminator Infrared”

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When to Use a White or Infrared Security Light

November 23, 2017

The success of your CCTV’s video surveillance depends on using the right lights to provide artificial illumination. Whether you use an Infrared security light or a white light is not just personal preference. Other factors govern which is appropriate for each situation, such as light pollution, coverage distance and other necessities. When White Light Is More Appropriate … Continue reading “When to Use a White or Infrared Security Light”

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IR Illuminator: Perfecting Surveillance

November 13, 2017

To perfect surveillance, you will need the right CCTV camera, and for 24-hour protection, you will need the right infrared (IR) illuminators. The best method to start is to appraise the area you will need to cover, your budget, and which wide-angle IR illuminators will cover the most ground for what you want to spend. … Continue reading “IR Illuminator: Perfecting Surveillance”

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Get More Action With a CCTV Light

October 24, 2017

Many people blame their CCTV camera if the motion in their video is blurred when the action starts. In most cases, it is not due to the camera’s quality, but the quality or quantity of CCTV light. Proper lighting is basic to ensure action caught by your camera’s lens is sharp. You can have the … Continue reading “Get More Action With a CCTV Light”

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Top Advantages of InfraRed Lights for Security Cameras

October 03, 2017

With the rise in crime, people are gaining a sense of the need for heightened security. It is probably long overdue, but it seems security cameras are everywhere now. People today are considering very advanced methods of keeping their homes safer. The most preferred modern technology when it comes to home security includes the use … Continue reading “Top Advantages of InfraRed Lights for Security Cameras”

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CCTV Infrared Lights Beneficial both Inside and Out

September 26, 2017

The Benefits of CCTV Infrared Lights CCTV infrared lights offer the user many benefits both indoors and outdoors, including crime deterrence, record keeping and the settlement of disputes. However, the biggest savings come from reduced energy costs. With infrared technology, you no longer need to flood the neighborhood with light to get a quality video. … Continue reading “CCTV Infrared Lights Beneficial both Inside and Out”

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CCTV IR Illuminator Long Range Benefits

September 19, 2017

CCTV IR Illuminator Long Range Considerations As far as CCTV IR illuminator long range lights are concerned, you can think of them as CCTV lights on steroids. As the name indicates, they have long range capability. With these lights, it is possible to clearly make out images even at very long distances, provided the camera … Continue reading “CCTV IR Illuminator Long Range Benefits”

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