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Optical vs Digital Zoom – Which Is Better?

April 15, 2022

At the time of getting a security camera for your house or business, one of the things you must consider is the zooming capability of the lens installed. The zoom factor has excellent effects on image quality output and the minute details you’ll be able to see while playing back footage. If a CCTV camera … Continue reading “Optical vs Digital Zoom – Which Is Better?”

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5 Risks To Your CCTV Cameras And Ways To Deal With Them

March 30, 2022

Having a CCTV camera increases security but is also prone to many risks. Several threats can obstruct the camera’s performance; stay with us till the end. We have detailed here 6 of the issues that may occur with ways to tackle them efficiently. Issue 1: Vandalism Vandalism is basically the destruction of a CCTV camera’s … Continue reading “5 Risks To Your CCTV Cameras And Ways To Deal With Them”

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Considerations To Make While Choosing A Night Vision Camera

March 15, 2022

Gone are the days when night vision cameras were a rare thing; with so many advancements, it is not only common, but there are hundreds of varieties with ample configurations and customizations available. Although this might seem a perfect thing, for the most part, it is; however, this ultimately makes decision making difficult. Which is … Continue reading “Considerations To Make While Choosing A Night Vision Camera”

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How Do Infra-Red Cameras Work

February 28, 2022

Infrared cameras work using infra-red radiation. It is a type of magnetic radiation whose wavelength is longer than that of visible light. This wavelength cannot be seen through naked eyes. What an infra-red camera does is that it detect the heat and convert it to an electrical signal resulting in an image. Let’s take a … Continue reading “How Do Infra-Red Cameras Work”

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6 Questions You Need To Ask Before Getting A CCTV Camera Installed

February 15, 2022

CCTV – you must have heard of this acronym a lot on law enforcement television shows; well, it is a great device and need of the time. You should definitely invest in a closed-circuit television or CCTV is a security system instrument. The addition of this gadget can increase the security of your house, business, … Continue reading “6 Questions You Need To Ask Before Getting A CCTV Camera Installed”

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7 CCTV Tips for the Right Security Lighting

January 30, 2022

A CCTV imaging device and the human eye have something in common. Both receive light reflected from objects, which is then translated into an image. But they both require a different amount of illumination for that image to be clear enough. To have good quality video footage and monitor your home, consider adding enough light … Continue reading “7 CCTV Tips for the Right Security Lighting”

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How Many Lumens Do I Need For Outdoor Security Lighting?

January 15, 2022

One of the most frequently asked questions for security experts is, “How many lumens do I need for outdoor security lighting?” It is, in fact, a pertinent question that has complex answers depending on your home security setup. This article will answer this question by addressing what lumens are and how they work. Next, we’ll … Continue reading “How Many Lumens Do I Need For Outdoor Security Lighting?”

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Front Of House Lighting Positions | Best Practices and Tips

December 30, 2021

Did you know that just some simple, strategic lighting can have a massive effect on the appearance and beauty of your home? That’s right: choosing the right front of house lighting positions can highlight your home’s appearance and improve your property’s perception. This guide will discuss some of the most important ideas that can improve … Continue reading “Front Of House Lighting Positions | Best Practices and Tips”

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How To Prevent Home Invasion | 5 Effective Strategies You Can Use Today

December 15, 2021

Break-ins can happen to anyone, and it’s best to be prepared if a burglar ever makes your property a target. Of course, this means learning how to prevent home invasion by making it difficult for people to target your property – prevention is always the best strategy. That’s why this article will list five effective … Continue reading “How To Prevent Home Invasion | 5 Effective Strategies You Can Use Today”

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Infrared Thermometer Accuracy | How To Choose A Quality Thermometer

November 30, 2021

Throughout the past year, you’ve likely seen more infrared thermometers than ever before. As a convenient, no-contact measuring tool, they have been incredibly useful and widespread in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. But when it comes to infrared thermometer accuracy, you’ve probably wondered: how accurate are these things, anyway? In this article, we’ll first … Continue reading “Infrared Thermometer Accuracy | How To Choose A Quality Thermometer”

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