Iluminar Inc. Security Just as the human eye relies on the presence of an adequate light source to see, security cameras must be provided with proper illumination to capture high-quality images and video. Find out how iluminar’s superb independent lighting and LPR solutions can bring your security solutions to the next level.


Security and safety are crucial to warehouse operators, homeowner’s associations (HOA) and large-scale businesses. They rely on roving guards and CCTV cameras to monitor what’s going on in their area of operation. Infrared light for CCTV cameras provides you with the ability to create video or still photo images in no-light or low-light situations. But, … Continue reading “How Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras Works”

Invisible IR Illuminator: Light Up Your World The invisible IR illuminator can capture available light and make it available for video recording and still photos. IR illuminators come with a variety of wattage, power source options, and have multiple uses. Wide-angle illuminators can reach even the most difficult shaded areas and light it up. Light … Continue reading “The Multiple Uses for the Invisible IR Illuminator”

The past few decades have seen a rise in technological developments.One of the areas most affected by technological inventions and enhancements is that of closed-circuit television (CCTV). Coupling cameras with infrared security light technology assists businesses by detecting objects and their movement, even in low-light/no-light situations. It is shrewd to use infrared in this manner … Continue reading “How to Find the Best Infrared Security Light for Your Business”

CCTV LightDefinesYour Security System The importance of quality CCTV light, with cameras, makes it easier to clearly see what is in our surroundings, through images captured by cameras. This is paramount for safety, security and accountability. In much the same way light works with our eyes, light defines images captured by cameras. Having CCTV lights … Continue reading “The Advantages of a CCTV Light”

So, you have already been sold on the idea of using infrared outdoor light as part of your security system, but do you know how to get the best performance? Each property will have different requirements, but there are basic rules you can follow to maximize the effectively of your infrared outdoor light. Infrared Outdoor … Continue reading “Getting the Best Performance From an Infrared Outdoor Light”

When it’s dark, the range and quality of images your cameras provide is significantly reduced. The visible spectrum that can be processed by the human eye is limited, even in daytime. However, as we are diurnal animals – awake mostly during daylight hours – it’s not something that typically causes any issues. Until, that is, … Continue reading “Boost Your Camera With Infrared Lights for Night Vision”

The use of infrared outdoor light is neither a new nor a novel concept. What is new and innovative, however, is the increase in availability of these types of lights and the area these lights can cover. Because the quality of video or images produced depends on the quality of the camera and the lights, … Continue reading “How Much Area Does an Infrared Outdoor Light Illuminate?”

Business and home security has never been more critical than it is today. Every day, criminals are looking for ways to quickly get into your properties and take anything of value. Therefore, you should consider security cameras for your business, church or homeowner’s association (HOA). For those businesses and homes already equipped with CCTV, infrared … Continue reading “Boost Your Camera with Infrared Lights for Night Vision”

Infrared CCTV light illumination is a conventional light source for nighttime operations. Its wavelengths,longer than those of visible light technology, make it nearly invisible to the human eye. Many different fields utilize infrared light technology to conduct scientific research projects, military and covert operations, and even uses within the medical area, such as forensics. The … Continue reading “The Technology Behind the Infrared CCTV Light”

When they think of investments, most people think about stocks, bonds, precious metals or other items that usually increase in value when kept for a long time. However, for businesses and homeowners who use a CCTV with their security system, the savings realized by using an infrared camera light with their CCTV cameras can be … Continue reading “The Best Reasons to Invest in an Infrared Camera Light”

Technology is advancing rapidly, and homeowners and business owners are using the technology available to make their homes and businesses more secure withinfrared illumination light for night vision, to couple with their CCTV cameras. Even the best technologically-advanced cameras need help in total darkness. Surely, you could use powerful white lights and flood your neighborhood … Continue reading “Infrared Illumination Light for Night Vision”

Could this be your story? Although this is fictional, the problem’s solution is real: infrared light for CCTV cameras. Every camera needs light to work correctly, and CCTV is no different. Don’t blame your camera for grainy or blurry videos, blame the light, and then fix it. You own a marina in the suburbs of … Continue reading “Infrared Light for CCTV Cameras”

Many people believe darkness is the absence of light, but that’s not exactly true. Darkness is the absence of light visible to the naked eye. Invisible IR illuminators are not really invisible either, it’s just that your optical lens cannot pick up that range of light. Light appears to us in ranges from ultra-violet (UV) … Continue reading “How an Invisible IR Illuminator Works”

Maybe it’s time to get illuminator infrared lights for your security cameras. Why? Well, here we are again at “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” and many are wrapping gifts and decorating their homes and businesses for the holidays. Unfortunately, it is not so merry and bright for you and your security camera. Someone … Continue reading “Give a Gift to Your Security Camera With Illuminator Infrared”

The success of your CCTV’s video surveillance depends on using the right lights to provide artificial illumination. Whether you use an Infrared security light or a white light is not just personal preference. Other factors govern which is appropriate for each situation, such as light pollution, coverage distance and other necessities. When White Light Is … Continue reading “When to Use a White or Infrared Security Light”

To perfect surveillance, you will need the right CCTV camera, and for 24-hour protection, you will need the right infrared (IR) illuminators. The best method to start is to appraise the area you will need to cover, your budget, and which wide-angle (IR) illuminators will cover the most ground for what you want to spend. … Continue reading “IR Illuminator: Perfecting Surveillance”

Many people blame their CCTV camera if the motion in their video is blurred when the action starts. In most cases, it is not due to the camera’s quality, but the quality or quantity of CCTV light. Proper lighting is basic to ensure action caught by your camera’s lens is sharp. You can have the … Continue reading “Get More Action With a CCTV Light”

With the rise in crime, people are gaining a sense of the need for heightened security. It is probably long overdue, but it seems security cameras are everywhere now. People today are considering very advanced methods of keeping their homes safer. The most preferred modern technology when it comes to home security includes the use … Continue reading “Top Advantages of InfraRed Lights for Security Cameras”

The Benefits of CCTV Infrared Lights Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) infrared lights offer the user many benefits both indoors and outdoors, including crime deterrence, record keeping and the settlement of disputes. However, the biggest savings come from reduced energy costs. With infrared technology, you no longer need to flood the neighborhood with light to get … Continue reading “CCTV Infrared Lights Beneficial both Inside and Out”

InfraRed (IR) Lights: What’s the Big Advantage? Security cameras, or CCTV cameras, have become popular in the last few years mainly due to their ability to capture on film what happens after hours on your property or while the homeowner is away. Before that, it was only businesses and rich homeowners who could afford to … Continue reading “CCTV IR Illuminator Long Range Benefits”

Important Purchase Considerations The wide angle IR illuminator comes in shapes and specifications as diverse as the cameras you will pair with them. You will need to ask yourself several questions before making a purchase: What kind of space and how much of it do you intend to illuminate? Will you use them for professional, … Continue reading “Best Uses for a Wide Angle IR Illuminator”

Night Vision IR illuminator flood lights or infrared lights can be used day or night and with black and white cameras to illuminate an area. The advantage of using an IR light is that it is invisible to the human eye. The camera can see, the intruder cannot! This means the intruder will not know … Continue reading “IR Illuminator Flood Lights: A Great Match for that Security Camera”

What You Should Know about Surveillance Lights Safety is one of the biggest concerns for property owners worldwide. Unfortunately, there are some bad people in this world that find joy in damaging property and/or stealing valuables. With the help of surveillance lights, anyone can feel safer inside their home or business.   Surveillance lights are … Continue reading “What to Look for When Purchasing Surveillance Lights”

Modern features in surveillance lights are an important part of your security protocol, and you will find that you may include your lights with cameras, wide-angle illuminators for broader coverage, motion sensors, and other security features. This article explains how you may use lights to improve security, and we will discuss some simple tricks for … Continue reading “Modern Features to Look for in Surveillance Lights”

The use of security camera IR illuminators, or infrared, provides light for CCTV without disturbing the natural lighting, or better yet, the lack of lighting. IR works best with low-light or no-light, because it uses reflected body temperature to illuminate. There are three physical aspects of IR that must be understood to best utilize security … Continue reading “Security Camera IR Illuminators Make the Night Shine”

Infrared (IR) Lights for Security Cameras Everyone knows there is nothing equal to infrared or IR lights for security cameras – everyone except intruders, evidently. They brazenly enter areas where they know they don’t belong, and they would not be detected if not for IR lights. IR lights do not give the intruder any indication … Continue reading “4 Benefits of IR Lights for Security Cameras”

If you are using a night vision camera system to provide surveillance in your backyard, Homeowners Association (HOA) residential area, a business warehouse or parking facility, but have been struggling with grainy images and poor illumination, there is only so much you can do with the camera itself to solve the problem. The wide- angle … Continue reading “The Cost Effectiveness of the Wide- Angle IR Illuminator”




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