Best Places for Exterior Home Security Cameras

Setting up your CCTV home security system doesn’t have to be difficult once you have all the equipment you need. With the right cameras and either infrared or visible illuminators, you can keep your family and your property safe. It’s not only about choosing the right technology, though; exterior home security cameras should be positioned correctly as well.

Front Door

Many homeowners are surprised to learn just how many home invasions occur right through the front door. Having a camera positioned to clearly see the front door and anyone who comes in or out of the house is important. This can also help neighborhood watch groups or even law enforcement catch porch thieves in the area since you will have a clear picture of anyone taking packages from your door.

Many homeowners also use a video doorbell with their front door camera. Remember that a video doorbell has many advantages like being able to speak with someone at your front door but they usually have a limited viewing range. They should be used in conjunction with exterior home security cameras.

Back Door

The back door of your home is also a target for invaders. It’s easy to walk through, unlike a window, and is usually less visible from the street. Neighbors may not be paying much attention to your back door at the time of an event but exterior home security cameras are always watching. You should be able to clearly see the back door from at least one camera.

First Floor Windows

Windows are another common entry point for intruders, especially those on the first floor as they provide the easiest access. Placing cameras strategically at the corners of your home should allow you to see along all exterior walls, especially those with windows. Keep in mind the viewing range of the cameras you are using.

Garage & Driveway

Sometimes thieves and vandals don’t have to enter your home to be destructive. If you have a car in the driveway, it could be a target. Many homeowners place a camera in a location where they can clearly see the driveway and their vehicles. You may also want to be able to see the garage door as this can be an entry point for intruders.

Tips for Proper Placement

Need a few tips before deciding where to place your exterior home security cameras? We have a few for you:

  • You should know whether you want your cameras to be hidden or visible
  • They should be protected by placing them under the eves of the house (or another equally protected location) even if they are weatherproof cameras
  • Cameras should be located 8-10 feet from the ground for the best perspective
  • Consider the viewing range of the camera when choosing camera positions
  • Choose the type of lighting you will use at night (visible white light or invisible infrared light) and make sure the light is lined up with the camera

To learn more about the white light illuminators and infrared illuminators available from Iluminar, call us today at (281) 438-3500. We can help you choose the right light source for your exterior home security cameras.

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