Are Fake Security Cameras Effective?

In This day and age, the need to have security cameras everywhere increases with each passing day. Be it your home, leisure areas, small or large scale offices, etc. Well, most large or small scale businesses can afford to get the most appropriate working security system for themselves, but many homeowners cannot. Security cameras are expensive and manage to threaten the burglars on their toes; what if we fix fake security cameras instead of a functional one? Nobody’s going to know.

It may come out as a shock and seem absurd to install a faux camera for security, but in reality, it is a wide sought solution for people who either cannot afford to get CCTV or do not want to invest in it. Let’s have a look at what fake security cameras are some available options and are they any good for use or not.

Fake Security Cameras

Not everyone can afford adequate home surveillance systems, which is why the idea of fake security cameras seems so appealing to them. Fake security cameras are also known as simulated, dummy, or faux cameras; they are designed to look and act like the real deal. They are decoys that resist thieves or burglars, loiterers, trespassers, etc., at a minimal cost.

Other than their affordability and low-maintenance costs, fake security cameras are easy to install and need no fancy applications or expensive monthly subscriptions to alarm companies. However, these benefits are not the only thing that you should keep in mind; remember, substituting hoaxes for real cameras has its added risks.

How Effective Are Fake Security Cameras For Protection?

A regular thief is usually more cautious while doing the job and easily intimidates seeing a camera mounted and will immediately resort to a place that has less security. A seasoned opportunist will first take notice of the surroundings and observe that the camera is not real and will make its move, bust into the house, and do its act.

Fake Security Cameras – Options

Here are some of the most popular, realistic faux cameras:

Dome CCTV Fake Security Camera

It is not easy to spot these fakers. A fake dome camera easily fools people into thinking that you’re keeping tabs on all the in and out around your protective space. Fix them near your front door, maybe over the garage area, or inside the office— its compact and lightweight structure aids in an easy installation anywhere.

Idaodan Dummy Camera

The real devil resides in the details, and that is the case for the Idaodan dummy security camera. It consists of real lifelike blinking infrared lights (LEDs) that go off every five seconds and have visually authentic video cables protruding out of it, selling the sense of vigilance.

The good part is that its Installation is no hassle, and batteries are also replaceable without having to remove the camera from its position. Simply use a screwdriver to twist and open the lens that exposes the battery box.

Interior Exterior Simulated Fake Security Camera

Bid goodbyes to changing batteries after installing this in your house for a good few months. Why? It runs on solar power, takes the sun’s energy and converts for its use.


Putting a good chunk of your money on a security system might seem a little out of budget; but it is an investment of a lifetime that proves its importance in the longer run. While fake cameras might seem appealing but there is always a risk lingering. Head to us at Illuminar Inc today for the best-priced gadget for your security. Talk to us at 1 281 438 3500.

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