Are Doors Enough To Have A Security Camera For Safety?

You have finally reached the part of actually placing the security camera in your house. As camera experts, we feel that deciding where security cameras should be set for max coverage is essential.

Which place is better? Whether physical mounting or inside the rooms? You must place it where there is most likely to have a burglar entry.

Where Should You Put The Camera For Your House?

The placement of a security camera is critical. Not only on the entry points but also in places where you’d want surveillance. Here are some familiar places that you must cover.

Ground-floor doors and windows

Windows and doors are amongst those common areas that serve as an entrance to the family and intruders alike. You should ensure that your camera covers every access and that no door or hallway is in the blind spot.

Main stairs or hallway:

As mentioned earlier, hallways or a central area must have coverage so that the intruders can easily be tracked. Usually, the first-floor hallway or a stairway leading up is the place.

Do not forget areas where valuables are kept, such as the bedroom or places where you and your children spend most of their time, like the kitchen or lounge.


Driveways are one of the sneaky places of the house that must have a camera. Why so? Well, it is seen that amongst the most common forced entry points, driveways serve as a good option. Monitor with an outdoor camera.


An overgrown landscape can quickly help intruders break inside, so place your cameras there as well.

Second Floor:

We understand you not wanting to palace a camera for surveillance in that area where you need privacy, like a bathroom or the bedroom. But if you keep your valuable assets there, coverage becomes necessary. These areas can help in the case of a criminal investigation.

Garages or detached buildings:

This particular place holds importance because your car or other expensive motors or tools are in there that require to be taken care of, making sure that there is a camera in there.

You may or may not have Wi-Fi access there, so try to look for other wireless options or get an extender.

Places In Your House That Should Not Have A Camera

We understand that you may want to cover every inch of your house but trust us; you cant place a camera everywhere.

In or near your neighbor’s property:

It depends on the state you are living in and the laws up there. You need to check out whether keeping an eye on somebody else’s property is permissible or not. Also, it is better that you ensure your camera is not covering somebody else other than you because your safety is important.


If you have your set of valuables in the bedroom, always try to place your camera in a way that covers just that area, and remaining is not for safeguarding privacy.


Most intruders steer clear from the bathrooms because there is usually nothing of their liking in that area. Therefore there is almost little to no risk involved in leaving them unmonitored.


Get the best pair of cameras for your security system from us; at Illuminar Inc, we ensure that your surveillance needs are meticulously catered to. Call now at 1 281 438 3500.

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