Add Night Vision to Your CCTV With an Infrared CCTV Light

You can add night vision to your CCTV with potent infrared illuminators that provide infrared CCTV light for your cameras. These powerful and effective illuminators can really light up the night. Well, truthfully, this only happens when matched with your CCTV, because infrared is not visible to the naked human eye.

To put this into perspective, lights are wavelengths measured in nanometers (nm). The human eye can see wavelengths of 390 to 700 nm. With the use of preset sensors, your illuminators automatically turn on with the absence of light. That’s what darkness is, after all, an absence of visible light.

Infrared CCTV light allows your camera to capture photos and videos in low-light and no-light situations. Light is a form of energy. No-light means there is no light that is visible to the human eye. Body heat or any other source of heat is also energy, and can be captured by infrared as readily as light.

Energy-Efficient LED Infrared CCTV Light

What’s really spectacular about infrared illuminators with CCTV is its energy-efficient attribute when you add automatic light sensors and match its range requirements. Infrared illuminators for infrared CCTV light have several limits, from short-range to super long-range. These range limits save you money by also limiting the amount of wattage that’s necessary for the system to be effective. Although these are called range limits, these are specific, recommended usage parameters.

Too much illumination can blur or distort your video, and too low wattage will not reach the intended range. When setting up your infrared CCTV lights and illuminators to match your cameras for after-dark video surveillance and intrusion detection, you don’t want to over-utilize range capabilities or under-utilize wattage. You would still capture video, but you may not have what you need for criminal forensic experts to do their jobs.

Now, by matching illuminator range capabilities, you can capture facial and license plate recognition on video. Ask the expert technicians at Iluminar Inc. about specific setups. They can match your requirements with the best configuration of illuminators to provide excellent infrared CCTV light for your project.

Whether you need infrared CCTV light to illuminate large parking lots or small warehouses, we have the infrared illuminators you need.

Iluminar Inc. Best Lighting Solutions

Whatever your project requirements and specifications, we have the illuminators you need to deliver excellent video in low-light situations. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

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