Iluminar Inc. Security Just as the human eye relies on the presence of an adequate light source to see, security cameras must be provided with proper illumination to capture high-quality images and video. Find out how iluminar’s superb independent lighting and LPR solutions can bring your security solutions to the next level.

About Us


Iluminar is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of IR and white light illuminators and license plate recognition products. Co-owners Eddie Reynolds and Joni Hamasaki bring over 30 years of combined industry experience. Together they launched Iluminar in 2009 with a mission to supply high quality and reliable lighting and license plate recognition products to the video surveillance industry, backed by unsurpassed customer service.

More and more customers are choosing Iluminar’s impressive product offerings. Iluminar boasts the largest selection of low voltage lighting products in the industry

Customers have come to rely on Iluminar for superior performance and customer service,including job spec support, technical support, warranty support and troubleshooting.

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