A Guide for CCTV Lights

The use of the technologies contained in digital cameras and camcorders has driven the rapid advance of CCTV cameras. However, without CCTV lights, the camera itself is useless in no light/low-light situations. Pictures and videos can only result when light is added to the equation. So then, why is it so common to have poor CCTV lights attached to or accompanying our surveillance systems?

CCTV Lights Are Crucial for Cameras

What many people fail to realize is that just about any camera can function in low-lux situations, once infrared illuminators are present. They spend hundreds more on cameras trying to determine which is better, the camera with Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) or the one with Charge Coupled Device (CCD). When if the truth is known, either will give you dynamic video, with the proper CCTV lights.

The camera salesperson who told you this camera would work perfectly in 0 lux wasn’t lying to you. What he neglected to add was, “with the perfect CCTV lights.” Most cameras work correctly with the right amount of light, bright white or infrared.

Where Does the Difference Lie?

The difference in clarity is the number of pixels or aspect ratio when both videos or still photos that have the same lights. Instead of using the numbered ratio now, we simply use standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD). There is an entire list of ratios to describe megapixel ratios and interfaces, but we are not going to go into that here but concentrate on CCTV lights instead.

Where Does the Difference Lie in CCTV Lights?

The most significant difference in the clarity of no light/low-light images when using CCTV lights is in the use of IR illuminators with the appropriate range. IR Illuminators come with various range capabilities mostly dependent on their wattage from short-range to super long-range. The super long-range IR illuminators are set for 48 watts and distances out to 919 feet or 280 meters. Whereas, the short-range IR illuminator is set up for 12 watts and distances out to 148 feet or 45 meters. For more details, talk to customer service reps at Iluminar Inc.

Iluminar Inc. Your Source for CCTV Lights

Give us the specifications of the area you need coverage for, and we will give you the information on which CCTV lights to buy. We are lighting the world for you; we are Iluminar INC.

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