6 Questions You Need To Ask Before Getting A CCTV Camera Installed

CCTV – you must have heard of this acronym a lot on law enforcement television shows; well, it is a great device and need of the time. You should definitely invest in a closed-circuit television or CCTV is a security system instrument. The addition of this gadget can increase the security of your house, business, and other valuables. This blog has detailed 6 must ask questions before installing a camera system.

Question 1 – Will The Cameras Sync With Existing System?

Security is one of the basic needs now, and every household or business has alarm systems and access controls installed. If you have one as well, ask them if their system can integrate with the existing one. Working together would increase efficiency and give maximum benefit.

If the CCTV system is not compatible, you would have to get the old mechanism out, which will also cost a lot. Therefore it is best to check before making the final purchase.

Question 2 – Will The CCTV Cover What You Want?

You must have certain scenarios in mind after which you decided on a CCTV installation. Make sure that these cameras serve your purpose. You know which things you want to see, either backyard, front porch, or inside the house. Either way, ensure that your cameras are positioned in the way to see the desired areas.

Moreover, discuss the scenarios and the outcome you are aiming for with your security professional. They may have useful insights or additional software for enhancing security.

Question 3 – Attachment of Additional Equipment after Initial Installation Possible?

Things do not stay the same forever; the changes are dynamic; therefore, it is important to know that the camera system you are installing is adaptable to change according to your needs. You must ask if it has the capacity to add a hardware system and whether it will work with the software of other brands.

If it does not abide, the system will not work for long, and your investment will become worthless in a span of a few years. Thorough device knowledge is essential for preventing any such thing from happening.

Question 4 – Monthly Cost

Proper budgeting is essential before jumping into this. It is a costly investment that requires maintenance throughout. Make sure you have planned out the finances and made the cut for it.

Question 5 – How Will The System Be Managed?

Managing the security system is not a layman’s job. The hardware and software need professional assistance since both must sync in case of updates. If hiring a separate entity is out of the question, you can always ask your system provider for proper understanding and training.

Question 6 – Does it Have Warranty?

Ask in detail about the warranty coverage. Most companies offer warranty on both hardware and software, but it is better that you discuss first before installation. Once the warranty kicks in, keep the document safe until it expires.


The addition of a security system is a big decision that needs thorough preparation. It is an investment that will pay in the longer run. Keep these points mentioned above in your mind before the final purchase. If you want a professional’s opinion, get in touch with us call at 281 438 3500 for more details.

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