5 Risks To Your CCTV Cameras And Ways To Deal With Them

Having a CCTV camera increases security but is also prone to many risks. Several threats can obstruct the camera’s performance; stay with us till the end. We have detailed here 6 of the issues that may occur with ways to tackle them efficiently.

Issue 1: Vandalism

Vandalism is basically the destruction of a CCTV camera’s body at the hands of troublemakers. This means they may dismantle the camera unauthorized or uninformed, entirely break the camera, and spray paint over the lens or body.

The security cameras are at the mercy of people and vulnerable to such threats. So, is there a solution for all these problems? Thankfully, yes! Cameras nowadays have metal cases and housings fixed with them. These are cage-like structures that help protect it from vandals. The cages are affixed on the walls to keep the trouble makers away from the lens. Another method is placing the camera at a height, a safe distance from average reach with appropriate angles.

Issue 2: Monsoon Rains

Camera installation and functionality is hampered in climatic conditions where rain is dominant. Their bodies are at the mercy of external factors and prone to issues such as lightning, thunderstorms, rainy spells, etc. If the rainwater seeps in, the camera will stop working and render useless. On the other hand, if placed high, then lightning might cause a fire.

Here’s a solution, always plug off the camera as soon as the weather changes. If you live in an area that has long monsoon rainy days, waterproof your device. This waterproofing is achieved using a plastic canopy or water bag system. Moreover, shock absorbents embrace lightening and ensure that the wirings are adequately insulated.

Issue 3: Hacking

CCTV security cameras are of great help when it comes to anti-theft technology. The source evidence is required for justice. That is why most people try hacking their way into the software of the security system. This makes them authoritative not only to the live stream but also to other sensitive footage.

Technically, you can boost your network with WAP2, which translates to Wi-Fi-protected Access 2 – it is an advanced protocol. Make sure your passwords are on a cycle and dynamic.

Issue 4: Firmware Updates

Firmware is a program that runs an IP security system, similar to the one your personal computer runs on. It keeps the camera running, and not updating it can lead to numerous functionality
issues. Save yourself from trouble and contact your service provider for a checkup every 3 months.

Issue 5: Bugs

Cameras usually come in with floodlights for enabling them the power of night vision. Mostly, they are sheltered by canopies and are situated in the corners of the beam. Such areas serve as the breeding ground for bugs and spiders. Mostly, the camera light lures them in, therefore, you must periodically clean the camera exterior and spray insect repellents on it.


We hope this blog has helped you get enough knowledge about the issues that may arise with CCTV camera usage and ways to handle troubling situations.

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