5 Possible Causes for Security Camera Screen is Black — How to Fix It?

Security cameras can show issues once in a while. Many people complain that their security camera footage shows a black screen. This could be because your security camera has been compromised. Therefore, it is not recording anything, and no video is being sent.

Usually, your security camera shows a black screen due to:

  • Cable Problem
  • Power Issue (with the camera or system)
  • Blocked Camera Lens
  • Defective Camera or Recorder
  • TV Display Output Issue
  • Whatever the reason is, we’ll tell you how to recognize it and fix the black security camera screen in this blog.

What to Do When Security Camera Shows Black Screen

Before jumping into the technical stuff, check the physical connections. Power or data loss is often why a security camera shows a black screen. If that does not seem to be the problem, check if an object is blocking the camera’s lens. In addition, someone might have repositioned the camera. In short, go and have a look at the camera. Now that you’re sure everything is fine, move on to the technical aspects:

1. Check the Wiring

Inspect the cables behind your camera system or the camera itself. Trace the length of the cables to ensure none of the wires are cut, damaged, broken, or bent. After that, check the connectors to see if anything is loose.

Also, examine the cable that connects the recorder to the TV. Many times, broken pins and faulty wires can be the reason your security camera shows a black screen. In case you use NVR, check the RJ45 plugs to make sure that they are plugged all the way into the socket.

2. Inspect the PoE Switch

Is your security camera powered through an external PoE switch? IP cameras plug into the PoE switch using an Ethernet cable. At the same time, the data and the power are also transferred via that run. A good PoE switch can handle all the IP cameras plugged into it, as each one has its specific amount of power to operate. A cheap or off-brand PoE switch transmits less power than required, resulting in a black screen. Try unplugging all the cameras and then plugging them back in. If the problems persist, you must buy new PoE switches from a well-known brand.

3. Power Issues

Loss of power is a common reason behind security camera screens going black. For instance, the power adapter might be disconnected, and the cable connecting camera to the recorder and monitor may become faulty. To fix this issue, inspect the power cables to confirm there’s no damage or disconnection. Also, it could be that the batteries are expired if you use battery-operated Wi-Fi cameras.

4. TV is Incompatible with the Display Output

Your TV might be incompatible with the recorder’s display resolution, resulting in a black screen. So when you get a monitor, check if it matches the higher resolution of the recorder. If not, it will not detect the video signal, and you’ll notice the black screen.

You can match the recorder’s resolution to the TV or go the other way around. The new TV models can detect the resolution and match it automatically.

5. Faulty Camera or Issues with Firmware

Updating the firmware of your equipment can fix any vulnerabilities or problems with compatibilities. Hence, your IP camera, NVR, or DVR should be up-to-date. Those who use a smart TV should update it as well.

What’s Next?

If none of the above-mentioned fixes work, your hardware may be damaged. Perhaps your camera burned or broke, or maybe, it cannot get powered anymore. Contact the seller if you think the unit is faulty. To improve the results of your nighttime footage, get the best illuminator lights from Iluminar. Dial (281) 438-3500 for more information.

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