5 Easy Tips to Improve Night Vision Security Camera Footage

When you invest in a security camera, you want to make sure that it causes no problem with night vision. This will also help identify a possible criminal if, in any case, a crime takes place within the vicinity of your security camera. But how can you improve the vision of a night camera? Carry on reading to learn some handy tips.

How Can I Improve Night Vision In My Security Camera?

Here are some handy ideas of things to do and avoid for the best results:

  1. Visible Lighting
    Adding visible lighting can enhance the results of the night footage in your security camera. Moreover, it can evenly distribute the light in the area covered by your security camera’s vision.
  2. Infrared Light Sources
    Does your camera come with a built-in infrared light? Usually, the built-in lights don’t provide sufficient coverage. Hence, many times, things at a reasonable distance aren’t visible.
    Using multiple external infrared illuminators can work wonders instead of going for visible lights. This way, you can get exceptional camera images in what apparently seems like complete darkness to the human eye. You can choose the right variety depending on your purpose and security camera. There are many benefits of using an IR light for security cameras.
  3. No Bright Lights in Camera’s View
    When installing a camera, ensure its front does not face a bright light. A bright light in your camera’s field of view can cause additional problems, like interfering with the day/night light sensor.
    If you have no choice, place the light to the side or behind your surveillance camera. This way, the light won’t hit the camera directly.
  4. Reduce IR Reflection
    Your camera might have trouble seeing in low light conditions if unwanted and unnecessary IR light falls on the front. You may not even realize the source of the problem behind your camera’s nighttime footage.
    It is also possible that the camera’s internal IR is reflecting off of a wall or another surface nearby. And the surface reflecting IR may not even be present in the range of the lens or image sensor. Furthermore, it is worse if the reflected infrared light hits your camera or is in the image sensor’s or the lens’s view. This is because the camera can become blind due to the reflected IR light.
  5. Regularly Clean the Camera’s Lens or Glass Dome
    Your camera is prone to getting dirty due to dust, moisture, and even spider webs. It also depends on the camera’s mount and angle, but they’re bound to get dirty. Therefore, you’ll need to regularly clean your CCTV camera’s lens or the glass dome.
    The dust and water drops could create a blurry image as the infrared light reflects into the lens.

What to Do Next?

Is your night vision camera having issues? You can enhance the footage and make the most of your investment by using the above-mentioned tips. Our security camera lights can remarkably improve the nighttime footage. Thus, dial (281) 438-3500 now to talk to Iluminar for more information.

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