4 Benefits of IR Lights for Security Cameras


Infrared (IR) Lights for Security Cameras

Everyone knows there is nothing equal to infrared or IR lights for security cameras – everyone except intruders, evidently. They brazenly enter areas where they know they don’t belong, and they would not be detected if not for IR lights. IR lights do not give the intruder any indication they are being observed.

When you set up a body temperature alert for those monitoring the CCTV, they can call law enforcement officers and/or an on-site security team to apprehend the intruders. IR lights are not light-dependent, so the intruders won’t even know have been observed.

The benefits of Infrared lights for security cameras are many, but these four should be considered whenever you decide which lights to accompany your security cameras.

#1 – Coverage Area

IR lights for security cameras provide the user a wide range of coverage area. By using multiple wide-angle IR lights, the user can cover even darkened areas to eliminate deep-shadow problems. Therefore, these IR lights are the perfect companion for CCTV. Although invisible to the naked eye, IR lights allow your camera to capture clear, crisp images that optimize your camera’s performance up to 370 meters away.

#2 – No-Light/Low-Light Operations

Since there is no need for illumination, Infrared lights for security cameras can provide stealth for security operations and observe movement without alerting humans and animals to the fact that they are being observed. This is particularly helpful in these no-light or low-light operations:

  • Poaching prevention
  • Residential or business protection
  • Border patrol/controls
  • Railroad/railyard patrols
  • Seaport security

No matter the human or animal population in the area, there will not be any light pollution. Your CCTV does not need to distinguish between natural or IR light.

#3 – Ease of Integration

These IR lights are easily integrated into any security system, regardless of the present setup of lights and cameras, you can readily add infrared lights for security cameras. This gives you a degree of versatility not available with other lights when making replacements or new installations.

#4 – Improved Penetration

Every camera requires light, the camera’s sensitivity depends on the amount of light available. Using Infrared lights for security cameras gives you better light penetration in high-humidity, high pollution, and foggy weather, which provides heightened video quality with IR lights versus other illumination sources.

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