3 Tips on Picking the Right Night-Vision Camera

Night-vision cameras are a combination of CCTV cameras and infrared illuminators. They are used for covert surveillance, and in a bid to improve security at your home, you may find yourself in the market for a night-vision camera. Before making a decision, however, here are some points to keep in mind.

The range of the camera is important

Night-vision cameras have varying ranges. The camera may not be able to produce sharp images at longer distances, so it’s important to estimate how much area you want to cover and leave a little allowance. For example, get a camera with a 30m range if you want to cover an area 20m from the camera.

Picking the right LED illuminator

Talk to a professional before deciding on the right infrared illuminator for your camera. While a powerful illuminator is good, if there is too much power, the camera may struggle to accurately capture objects close to the camera.

Camera mounting height

Depending on how powerful you want your camera’s image to be, the height at which you mount your camera is important. If, for example, the area you want to cover is 4m away from the camera, the ideal camera height is 3 meters.

Here is another quick tip: when you are setting up the camera and you point it at an empty area, the image may be dark. This is because infrared lights need something to reflect on. When an object comes into range, the view/image becomes clearer.
If you need an infrared LED light for your night-vision camera and you seek professional input, reach out to us at Iluminar Inc. Call 281-438-3500 to set up an appointment.

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